1/29/2018 – 2/2/2018

All Classes

Mon – Wed – Continue cleaning and organizing wood shop.


Demonstrate acceptable work ethics in reporting for duty and performing assigned tasks as directed

Use time wisely by prioritizing tasks and following schedules in an efficient manner

Thur – Fri – Sub Work researching welding careers


demonstrate the professional standards required in the workplace such as interviewing skills, flexibility, willingness to learn new skills and acquire knowledge, self-discipline, self-worth, positive attitude, and integrity in a work situation


3/27/17 – 3/31/17

2/21/2017 – 2/24/2017


Monday – Friday – §130.22. Agricultural Mechanics and Metal Technologies (c), (9), (d), select and operate electric-arc welding equipment to meet standards.

Students will continue to make passes on their “Coupon” using a 6011 welding rod.

When completed, Students will begin fillet welds in the 2f, 3f up and down, and 4f positions using a 6010 root pass, implementing the whip and pause technique. This will be covered with a two bead 7018 cap.